PTS History, Growth & Future Development

PTS Technology Sdn Bhd which was previously known as Pac Tech Services started the recharging business as a sole proprietor back in 1998.  We started off in a very small scale by importing small quantities of raw materials and repackaging into smaller units and distribute them to our customers.

During the infancy period our team had very limited resources and information as far as market trends and demands are concerned.  Internet is not like now and not widely used. We were constantly having difficulties in the technical department due to our lack of experience and because of this our team was unable to fulfil all the needs and demands of our customers.

In order to achieve and rectify this void of ours we decided to incorporate our company to PTS Technology Sdn Bhd in 2002.  By doing so we were able to engage the best professionals in this business of ours to join our company.

Couple of years later our business grew and our products were widely accepted in the domestic market.  We also know that the reputation of a company is essential to its survival.  We valued the trust and confidence of our customers and to maintain this we increase our workforce to provide them our best after sales service and support.

In 2004 we see that there is a need to expand further and we also need to increase our market share.  Subsequently a subsidiary named PTS Sales and Service Sdn Bhd was set up to cater to the copier market.  Initially we were selling loose toner and later on we developed into complete finished products for the market.  Business began to flourish and we moved to the present premises where we are today.

As for future plans, we are now in the midst of exploring new ways to increase market shares, diversify, target other markets in the Asian region and expand to the internet.

Our founder was born in Penang, Malaysia and came to Kuala Lumpur to start in the recharging industry in the late 1990s. After 18 years of in this business, she has learned that honesty, product quality, customer service and of course, health are most important.

Our founder goes to the gym for workouts regularly to stay mentally strong and to live a healthy lifestyle. Like most, she loves eating at gourmet places, reading, travelling and spending time with friends on weekends.

She believes many people are struggling with a balance in life simply because they really haven’t paid attention to decide what is most important to them. To her having a healthy life, a stable family, establishing a good quality working environment and spending quality time with family and friends are utmost important.

Everyone experiences difficult times and the current economic climate is no exception. It is a measure of your determination and dedication on how you deal with them. She developed success from her failures, through willingness to accept and learn from it. To her a sense of good judgments and the finding the right business partnerships are the stepping stones to success.

We have adapted and stressed the importance of corporate culture. We believe that people work for people before they work for the company.  Word spreads fast nowadays. Employees who have a positive work experience share it through their own social media channels and word gets around.  Companies will want to do business with like-minded companies that share the same values.

In that respect we strived for a working environment where it is best for our employees.  We valued their feedbacks and make changes as and when there are needs to do so.  This has made our operations go smoother and efficient. Additionally, we set up our own technical and quality control department to enhance our services to ensure quality products for our customers.

By doing so all our finished products go through stringent testing and checking by our quality assurance department prior to delivery. We also conduct thorough inspections on the raw materials with test equipments in place specifically for this purpose.

To upkeep with the market trend, we attend conventions, exhibitions and forums to find out the changes in the industry.  We also network and talk to our customers to have a better understanding how our products stand up in the market.

After we have acquired this information, we innovate and transform ourselves in accordance with current market trends and changes through our collaboration in joint Research and Development (R&D) with a renowned overseas manufacturer.

PTS Technology Sdn Bhd offers quality products, competitive prices, total business solution package, after-sales service and with “Product Assurance” to all our valuable customers. All our current and future customers are valued customers. For our business to grow we have to build trust, transparency, follow up on our agreements and offer support whenever we can. We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the host. It is our responsibility to make every important aspect of the customers’ experience better.

Additionally, over the years PTS Technology Sdn Bhd has developed a trust by paying our suppliers promptly.  This has allowed us to sustain the continuity of our business without having to worry on the supply of raw materials for our products.

As for our fellow colleagues, we are like one big family. We developed a culture where they don’t look at themselves as working for the company.  Rather they feel like they owned part of the company. With that trust in place, we find it easier to delegate responsibility and authority to them.  Many have been with us since inception and all of them have the understanding that it is better to work smarter rather than harder. They have also inculcated a sense of belonging and a mutual respect for each other.

To make a business work, we need people, considerable knowledge, skill, good management as well as a high level of commitment, plenty of hard work and access to finance.  With a strong team at my disposal the company has one less thing to worry about and focus on other developments for the future of the company.

Through our participation in international trade exhibitions throughout the world and in setting up our company’s website, we are currently exporting our products to many countries.

If our market share is to be compromise or being compromised by our competitors, we always try to plan ahead and have a strategy to counter what are to be expected. We will implement new ideas in order to sustain the growth of the company by maintaining our existing customers and sourcing for new ones.

We think the most important task is to define the course and growth where the business will be over the next few years. Investment and expanding our business in the neighbouring countries are some of my future plans. With that in mind, we have relentlessly been working to find out what the business environment might turn out in the years to come.

To date we are established in more ways than one and within my finances capability, we will continue to look for future development in new products and also the possibility of a management buyout on potential companies.